About me ~

Hellow bunnies ! I am Cheryl. I'm born in Malaysia and I am one of the 90's babies :D
My blog started as a personal blog but then I gradually find that I enjoy writing reviews of beauty and food 💗 They have become part of my life and I can't really live without them. 

Cherylbunny is a platform where I can express myself and also record my life.
The reason behind this blog name is because my first name is Cheryl and it is an extremely common name. I have known more than 3 Cheryls during my high school and I actually tried to google my own name and guess what? There is more than 100 people named Cheryl Lim. No other name but Cheryl Lim. So I decided to create an unique name that only represents me. Since my front teeth are like rabbit and rabbit is cute. So tada, why not Cherylbunny?

I am a lifestyle blogger, and this blog is mainly about my life (obviously), some of my thoughts and FOOD, beauty, memories, travel as well as vlog  <3 It's my personal small writing space for me to express my feeling, and to record my life using words :) 

I have a petite size, and YES I am a shorty! It is my family gene and I think it is kind of adorable :)

Despite I was once very unhappy that I am the shortest among my friends, I start to embrace my height now. 

It's SUPER awesome how our brain can function so well, as we can remember so many things that happened in our life. But then, I always tend to forget those little small things that might make me happy. Therefore, blogging is one of the greatest choices to record the moment.

Here is another ordinary girl, who likes to blog and wants to have an extraordinary, interesting life.
Hope this post makes you know more about me and don't forget to join the circle by following me ;)

I don't write history, but I write about my life :)

For any advertorial/ sponsorship or event invites,  feel free to drop me a message/ contact thecheryllim@gmail.com